Basic Brunches does BBC

BBC used to be my main brunch place way back in the day. And when I say way back in the day I mean like 3 years ago when I was unemployed and believed that since I already didn’t have money I didn’t have any to waste and I went brunching almost every weekend.

I guess BBC is the birthplace of Basic Brunches in some long, confusing, twisted way.

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Basic Brunches does Pepper Smash

Recently I was asked to go to a Mixology party at Pepper Smash out in the Shops at Legacy, and since I discriminate against no food nor drink I was all over it. Pepper Smash, a cocktail kitchen, for those of you who don’t know are all about the art of the drink. They believe in making their syrups from scratch, along with most of their food items. It’s all about quality and putting a twist on the classics. Read More