Tacolandia VS Taco Libre

In a previous post I talked about my glorious adventure at Taco Libre. The first, all taco all the time, festival held in downtown Dallas. Tacolandia is the Dallas Observer answer to Taco Libre. I realize the easiest way to go about this is to compare and contrast the two, because essentially they’re the same event with a slightly different name. Read More


Basic Brunches does ACL

Two weekends ago was Austin City Limits weekend 2. It was also the weekend leading into my birthday which is clearly a much bigger deal. So my birthday present to myself was a trip to ACL with Caitlin. This was my first music festival outside of 35 Denton, which really isn’t much of a music festival. I hate people, I hate crowds, I hate drunk people and I don’t particularly like live music because you run such a high chance of the band being awful live. But this ACL had about 12 bands that I wanted to see, so this was going to be a weekend of me working on some personal issues for the experience. $250 dollars to see Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, Drake, Halsey, Hozier and then some seemed worth it. Read More

Taco Libre!

What is the best food on the planet? I’ll give you 5 seconds to think about that just kidding it’s tacos. Tacos, the most perfect vessel to transport delicious meat and toppings into your mouth for consumption. Why are tacos great? Read More