Basic Brunches does Chelsea Corner

I love hidden gems. Restaurants in a slight off-beaten path that are fabulous! Chelsea Corner is my new favorite hidden gem. Located in a mix of Knox/Henderson and Uptown, Chelsea Corner offers brunch, bites, and late night life.

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Basic Brunches does Next Door Dallas for Brunch

This is my second time at Next Door Dallas, and it won’t be my last if they keep their food game as strong as it’s been. While the restaurant itself is not as new to the Uptown scene as it once was, their brunch menu is. Brandon and I had the pleasure of coming back to this little hot spot and previewing their new (rather remarkable) brunch menu.

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Basic Brunches Makes Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day. Normally a day that I curate a bunch of different places to recommend you take your mother (or mother figure) to brunch. But, I’ve recently realized how much I hate Mother’s Day Brunch. It’s basic because that’s literally what everyone else does. It’s expensive because restaurants know they can charge and arm and a leg for the one day they know everyone is going to brunch. And prefix menus. On a whole, I don’t have an issue with prefix menu, but on a day when everyone is out, I wanna get what I want not what you tell me I can have. That’s why this year I decided to bring brunch to my mom.

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