Basic Brunches does Next Door Dallas for Brunch

This is my second time at Next Door Dallas, and it won’t be my last if they keep their food game as strong as it’s been. While the restaurant itself is not as new to the Uptown scene as it once was, their brunch menu is. Brandon and I had the pleasure of coming back to this little hot spot and previewing their new (rather remarkable) brunch menu.

To start brunch I got a Champagne Colada. A marriage of the mimosa and pina colada. With Captain Morgan Coconut Rum, homemade vanilla syrup, lime juice and topped off with Prossecco it’s a clean refresher to start the day with. If you’re into day drinking like I am.


Champagne Colada

But because one drink is not enough! I followed that Colada up with the Coconut Water Mojito because I am #basic and coconut water is so on trend right now. This drink consisted of Captain Morgan White, strawberry, coconut water, and all the mint you could ever want. Seriously, there was a lot of mint in this drink. It was good, but be ready.


Coconut Water Mojito

Smoked Salmon Sandwich:


Visually this sandwich is eye-catching and it was absolutely delicious, and I’m not a salmon for breakfast kinda girl. I will say this, eating is like a sandwich is really tricky. The bread is too long and too crunchy and doesn’t hold the ingredients well. Does that mean I don’t suggest it? No. I liked the taste of this. Just be ready to do a little dance with it while you eat.

The Skinny Omelet:


Eggs stuffed with asparagus, tomato, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and topped with pesto. This is an omelet you won’t feel guilty about. I would have liked more goat cheese, but I’m cheese obsessed and goat is one of my all time favorites so I don’t believe in having “too much”.

Steak and Eggs:


I’ve never had steak and eggs. Steak is such a dinner food for me that the idea of combining it with eggs and eating it in the morning is too complicated for my mind to understand. I did like that these we little filet mignons instead of an 8 oz whole steak, it made it look more breakfast friendly. There was Yolk Porn for daaaaays with these eggs.

Chorizo & Quail Egg Pizza:


Next Door Dallas has fabulous pizza, and this is coming from a born New Yorker. Seriously, their pizza game in on point and the brunch pizza does not disappoint. First off, you can totally share this pizza with your brunch partner in crime. Plenty to go around. Secondly, they don’t skimp on the toppings. What would I do differently? Break the chorizo up a little more. Some bites you wouldn’t get any chorizo and others your mouth would be full of it.

Best F*cking Stuffed French Toast:


I’m ending with this dish on purpose, because it is, without a doubt, the best fucking stuffed french toast. Cinnamon raisin toast is stuffed with cream cheese, pancake battered and fried (think Monte Cristo) and then topped with fresh berry compote, maple syrup and whipped cream. This dish is the only dish where it was completely consumed. No toast left behind. This would be my go-to order without a doubt.


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