Basic Brunches does Ivy Tavern’s Dive Brunch

Brunch is all about indulgence, and booze, and what better way to really encompass the true meaning of brunch than with a brunch buffet! A $15 brunch buffet at that!

Ivy Tavern, a not-so-hidden gem down on Lemmon Avenue, has started their new Dive Brunch Buffet. An all you can eat smorgasbord of classic brunch favorites.


Let’s start with the most important: alcohol.

While Ivy Tavern offers a variety of classic (with a twist) brunch cocktails including Bloody Mary’s and Smoky Marias, you also have a choice of a seasonal Moscow mule, the Ivy Tavern bellini (which most def adds a punch of vodka to your champagne) and mojitos. Might I suggest doing it right and grabbing a mimosa by the carafe for $10. You can never go wrong with a carafe of anything.


To make sure you get the most bang for your buck Ivy Tavern offers classic brunch staples on their menu. Chicken and waffles, bacon, eggs, sausage, ham, biscuits and gravy, granola and yogurt are some the items you will see regularly. I have to say I like the fact that they had a condiment station that included buffalo sauce which is near and dear to my heart.


Personally, the best part about Ivy Tavern has to be the outside patio. With tons of greenery and plenty of seating, it’s like your own little oasis. Make sure to go when the weather is nice so you too can sit outside.


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