Basic Brunches and Brandon Does Dallas do Matchbox

I love Brandon from Brandon Does Dallas, he’s the best. Whenever he gets a brunch invite he always hooks a girl up. So we tackled this one together. Located just off 75 and Walnut Hill in the new Preston Hollow area sits Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit. A cute little corner restaurant that features an open-air pizza kitchen, fully stocked bar and cozy atmosphere.

We spent almost 3 hours here, true we were mostly catching up, but it’s such a chill environment that you don’t really want to leave.

First things first, booze. Brandon is a fan of the spicy bloody mary’s while I am always a mimosa girl so we got our respective beverages. He had The Fire while I had The Matchbox Mimosa.


We started the meal off with Cheddar Bacon Biscuits with honey butter.


Let me just explain something to you. That honey butter is pure magic. Bottle it up and sell it to me. Nothing goes better on any like this honey butter. The cheddar bacon biscuits were delicious, I always have an issue with biscuits being too dry and these were not, even without the honey butter. But don’t eat them without the honey butter because you’re gonna want that butter on everything. There’s only three, so either get an order for yourself or be willing to share.

I got the Walk of Shame Burrito, cause I’m classy. Although it is a burrito, and we are all used to Chipotle-sized 4 lbs burritos the size of a small child, this is a normal and completely doable sized burrito. When I think burrito, this is the size I would want it to be. It’s stuffed with short ribs, scrambled eggs, and cheddar and served with green chili sauce, a side of potatoes and quac.


Brandon got the Huevos Rancheros. I’m going to put this upfront, there is no meat in this dish. It’s black beans, quac, pico, 2 sunny side up eggs and chipotle sour cream. Will you miss the meat? I’m not entirely sure, I didn’t eat it. But, although Brandon eventually noticed there was no meat, he wasn’t upset about it.


To top off this delightful brunch we opted to go with the Dessert Trio. This comes with a double chocolate brownie with ice cream, whipped cream and a caramel and chocolate drizzle, in-house made churros with a raspberry dipping sauce (which is a sauce you could use on anything), and a lemon-lime sorbet. Let’s break this down. Brownie: super dense but delicious and warm. Churros: nothing will ever beat La Ventana churros but these are on point. Both crispy, cinnamon sugary and light. Sorbet: Not ever my go-to but I made sure that it didn’t get left behind. I was all about this sorbet, it was the perfect palate cleanser.


Overall the food at Matchbox is spectacular. Have you ever heard me use that word before? No, you haven’t. Spectacular is a loaded word that I don’t just throw around for any meal. Both Brandon and I walked away in slight amazement of just how delicious every dish was. It’s fabulous, and it’s centrally located, so if you live farther north than Uptown you don’t feel like you need to make a long drive.


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