Basic Brunches does Whiskey Cake

Happy New Year my Basic Brunchers! Hopefully, 2017 will be better than 2016.

Today we are talking Whiskey Cake.

Whiskey Cake is in Plano, just off the Tollway and Parker. It’s a farm to kitchen based restaurant that does all the cooking from scratch, check out the menu. It’s super convenient to get to but, the waits get long and they don’t take reservations. They do, however, allow you to call ahead so I recommend you do that unless you are totally down for waiting. And by waiting I mean probably at least an hour. The way the call ahead works is you put your name down and they text when they are ready for you. The patio is probably beautiful, but I would do first available if you’re hungry.


The most devastating news I have is they do not have a mimosa special. Traditional mimosas are also not listed on the menu but you can order them, the girl next to me actually ordered her’s with grapefruit juice so keep that in mind. They do have a plethora of brunch cocktails. For example the Texas Bluebonnet. That drink is made up of “blueberry infused veev acai spirit (?)”, lemon, egg white and prosecco. Yes, you read that right, egg white. I’m not going to lie. I stared at that ingredient for a good couple minutes debating if I could handle it. Then I decided brunch is for adventure and trying things I’ve never tried and I went for it, full throttle.

texas bluebonnet

It is good. It is weird knowing you’re drinking egg white. Let me throw some drink science your way, egg whites do not adjust the flavor of the drink, but they add texture. Since egg whites are primarily water and protein they whip up when shaken into a foam which creates a smooth and creamy texture. This is a drink that you cannot have more than two, at most. There’s something about it, probably the egg white, that doesn’t lend itself to a “sip all day on the patio” type of drink. To be perfectly honest I switched to a mimosa once I was done with it.
They also have whatever this drink is called. So, this drink is on their brunch drink menu, which is not online. I have since forgotten the name of this drink and what’s in it, but I know it’s got the bubbly in there and I know I had about 3.

They also have a Bloody Mary Bar. Here they bring you the vodka of your choosing, then you head over to the bar and add whatever you may please. I can’t get behind drinking tomato juice so I’ve never had a Bloody Mary, but I do know many people out there swear by the precious Blood of Mary and having a bar would make their day.

This brunch Megan and I started with the Cheddar & Jalapeno Drop Biscuits with homemade sausage gravy. I have never tasted cheese in these biscuits and you only get jalapeno in the little slice that is baked on top, but they can still be spicy. But that gravy though. DAT GRAVY THO! I could live in that sausage gravy forever. Bring me a vat of it and leave me to die in my gluttonous bath of gravy.


I got Chicken & Waffles. I like fried chicken, and I like waffles, and these waffles were also bacon-laced, so all over it. Let’s break this down piece by piece. The waffle was cooked perfectly. Crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside, and there are big pieces of bacon throughout the waffle. The chicken was tender and juicy. It’s actually a chicken tender, which I liked more than the idea of a chicken breast because, bones. The outside was crispy as well and it was covered in the heavenly sausage gravy I spoke of just a moment ago. It comes with a sunny-side up egg, I had it cooked a little more to over easy. One bite into these chicken and waffles and I was in love. I would curl into bed, with my chicken and waffles, under my sausage gravy blanket, and live for the rest of the day. I asked for more gravy. Most chicken and waffles come with maple syrup, this one does not because of the gravy.


Megan got Pork, Egg & Grits. It’s pork steak sliced over cheddar grits with a sunny side up egg on top.


Let’s get one thing out of the way. Whiskey Cake has the most delicious whiskey cake. I have been there on more than one occasion JUST to eat this cake. So go there, get cake, and obviously the handmade whipped cream.


Overall the food is delicious, the atmosphere is laid back, but the drink prices are high. This is a place you come for the food because the food is worth the cost.


1. Call ahead unless you want to wait forever.

2. Be aware that your drinks will be pricey and add up quickly

3. Get anything with the sausage gravy, or just the sausage gravy itself.

4. Get the whiskey cake.


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