Basic Brunches and Brandon Does Dallas do Happiest Hour

Here we are again, just two foodies hitting brunch and hitting it hard. This time Brandon and I headed uptown to Happiest Hour, an industrial farmhouse feel restaurant with stunning views of Dallas.

I know what you’re thinking, “what is industrial farmhouse?” So Happiest Hour has an open air feel with concrete floors and lots of metal but paired with shiplap everywhere and Edison bulbs to create a unique atmosphere fitting for the location. Upon arriving I made sure that Brandon and I got to sit on one of the window seat circle booths because FUN! I felt so secluded although we weren’t.

We started off with getting our brunch booze on. Brandon ordered the standard mimosa while I started off with a frozen rose. a “frose” if you will. I  have come to the realization I do not like frozen wine so, although, it’s very pretty to look at, my taste buds weren’t a fan (personal preference) and I ended up switching to a mimosa as well.

We were able to try to the entire brunch menu, which would have been good to know going into it so I didn’t eat for 4 days in preparation, but that’s fine, just stretch it out and dive on in I say. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the dishes I was want to say that Happiest Hour is a hollandaise heaven. Hollandaise on everything! Delicious hollandaise but prepare your heart, maybe go for a run before you come to Happiest Hour to eat brunch, or don’t, I don’t own your life.

Crab Cake Benedict. Standard benedict only change out your Canadian bacon for crispy crab cake and shaved asparagus. I always like variations of benedicts, I think that normal benedicts are so basic so adding a veggie and a different protein always peaks my interest.


Rise and Shine. This was my favorite dish. Starting off saying that. Between the sourdough bread, toasted to a crisp that holds up the all that hollandaise sauce, cause more hollandaise sauce, you will find shoestring hashbrowns and fresh avocado, all this is topped off with 2, count ’em 2, fried eggs. Insert Homer drooling sounds here. I did not think I would love this as much as I did, but just writing about it has me wanting to go back and have more.


Biscuits and Gravy. I’m morally opposed to biscuits and gravy because I just don’t understand it as a dish. It needs to be loaded with more things for me to want to eat that as my meal. Biscuits and gravy are an app. With my personal rant over, these biscuits are covered in a jalapeño venison gravy and I am a fan of venison. I’m not a fan of jalapeño though, so be careful of the seeds. Overall it’s really not that spicy but there are seeds and you might end up with them in your mouth and you might regret it. Just saying.


Shrimp and Grits. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t like grits. I don’t like the name and I don’t really like the texture. Now, these grits I would eat again and again. These were the best grits I’ve ever had. Side story: prior to this event I accidently gave my brother and myself food poisoning with shrimp and I have yet to reach a point that I’m cool with shrimp. I, begrudgingly, ate a shrimp for you. Yes. I had to mentally yell at myself to eat it because my hand was fighting bringing that little sucker up to my mouth. It was a trying time for me but I did it. It was seasoned well. That’s the best you’re gonna get out of me with the shrimp. I don’t think shrimp and I will ever be friends again.


We ended this brunch with the Sugar Rush Hotcakes. What is the difference between a hotcake and a pancake? Can someone google that for me? Like the name implies, these are a sugar rush. Ricotta pancakes, which makes them super fluffy, covered with blueberry apricot compote, topped with peanut butter and Nutella nuggets, and topped off with powdered sugar. Get the sugar coma.


I really enjoyed Happiest Hour, the restaurant itself has tons of different spots to sit, from the upstair patio to the picnic tables out front to the circle booths inside. Maybe in addition to running before brunch, you also run after because you will hit your caloric intake at this place, #noregrets.



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