Basic Brunches does BBC

BBC used to be my main brunch place way back in the day. And when I say way back in the day I mean like 3 years ago when I was unemployed and believed that since I already didn’t have money I didn’t have any to waste and I went brunching almost every weekend.

I guess BBC is the birthplace of Basic Brunches in some long, confusing, twisted way.

Anyways, like I said used to go all the time because of their fabulous BYOMB, or, Build Your Own Mimosa Bar. Legit. Lit AF. I’m sure there are some other stupid millennial terms I can use to express my joy of this bar but I can’t think of any right now. Their food is good, but I went for the bar. Then, low and behold, one day I show up for brunch and the bar is GONE! Done away with! Finito. Worst day ever. I don’t want $.99 mimosas. I want to control the contents of my mimosa. I want to add how much juice, and whatever juice I want! I want to enjoy the little chopped up bits of fruit on my OWN TERMS NOT YOURS! It was a very trying time for me. I walked out of BBC and never looked back. That was, until recently, I learned their BYOMB is BACK! The Prodigal Son has returned.


So I ventured back out to BBC, my long lost love,  in hopes of finding my precious bar, and I did. Now, it looks like they adjusted their mimosa bar a little bit. You get a carafe of mimosa, enough to share with at least 2 people, and the joys of adding whatever juice or fruit to it. I swear, 3 years ago, it was more of a personal sized carafe this is now a party carafe. I made the mistake of ordering that all for myself and it was hard to drink all of it. I tried, I really did. But I was driving, and I was eating, so I got full.

Let’s talk food. I would love to say I have a plethora of pictures but I used to go long before Basic Brunches was even a thought so I didn’t Instagram my every meal. Here are some things I can recommend:

  1. Frangelico French Toast. You got two thick slices of Texas Toast battered up in Frangelico batter and topped with hazelnut butter. Plus side, you get a side of bacon or sausage.
  2. Boddingtons Belgium Waffle. I love waffles. In the morning, I’m making waffles. These are the perfect mix of crisp outside to fluffy inside. Plus, you can top your deliciousness one of three ways, raspberries and cream, sliced almonds and bananas, hazelnut butter. Again, side of bacon or sausage. I have for sure done raspberries and cream and hazelnut butter. I have not done almond slices.
  3. BBC Chicken and Waffles. It’s the Boddingtons Belgium Waffles, topped with hazelnut butter, plus panko breaded chicken tenders on top! It’s delicious. To make myself feel less fat I get a side of fruit instead of potatoes.
  4. Ham and Cheese Quiche. Ham and cheese omelet, delicious, baked into a crust. It’s so cute looking too. Little personalized quiche.

Definitely give BBC a go, both for brunch or a late night spot. It’s a good going out bar. For a semi-recent bachelorette party that was one of our stops but BBC was the high point of the night.


The feature live music quite often, including brunch, and the locale is just off the beaten Uptown path that you don’t feel swamped by people.


One comment

  1. Claudia @ · December 7, 2016

    I used to do BBC all the time too! I need to go back!


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