Basic Brunches Cohosts #BlogandBrunch at Mexican Sugar

Awhile ago Leah from Flicks and Food Dallas and I got together and decided that we wanted to start hosting brunches for our blogger friends. We finally launched our little program this with our first #BlogandBrunch at Mexican Sugar.

Our whole plan with this new venture is to find restaurants that have brunch and then rotate out our blogger friends so new bloggers get to experience new places all the time while these places get to publicize their brunch menu. Win/win.

Our first group of bloggers consisted of Irene of Chompdallas, DallasFoodTour, Chris of Chrisro125, Rosie of Latinas_Eat, India and Christa of TheEatsBlog, Delia of DiningwithDeliaJo, Jenny of TheDiningDino and, of course, FlicksandFoodDallas and myself BasicBrunches.


We started off at Mexican Sugar at The Shops at Legacy. Run by the same genius behind Whiskey Cake and Sugar Bacon, Mexican Sugar is a Latin food fiends dream. Read, Latin food, not Tex-Mex.

As a table, we started off with the classic chips, salsa and queso, arepas, crispy wild mushrooms and squash blossom quesadillas. First off the queso blanco is a cheese lover’s paradise. A three Mexican cheese blend with toasted dried chilis, a little taste of quac and, my favorite herb of all time, cilantro. Pro tip, dip everything in the queso. EVERYTHING. There is nothing that won’t go well with this queso.

Arepas: Grilled corn cakes with slow roasted barbacoa, slow and topped with a cilantro crema. A messy little two bite app that’s so good you won’t care.

Crispy Wild Mushrooms: These were my favorite appetizer by far. Crisp mushrooms on top of a roasted poblano corn puree, annatto oil, queso fresco and micro cilantro. The corn puree was amazing and should be offered as a dipping sauce. I didn’t ask but I suggest asking for it as a dipping sauce. Although this was an amazing dish, it is small so don’t plan on sharing this dish with anyone.

We also had a variety of drinks for the table. From the create your own mimosa board with Lamarca Prosecco with four juices and some cut up watermelon and pineapple to the Sangria Kit.

We were each lucky enough to order our own dish. The most popular dish at the table was the Skirt Steak and Huevos which I ordered along with at least three other people at the table.

Skirt Steak and Huevos: I ordered my steak mid-rare, like an American! It’s topped with avocado, pickled red onions and two sunny-side eggs. Served with a side of salsa verde and crispy potatoes. The dish was delicious but the best part was the potatoes. They were perfectly crisp and seasoned to perfection. Again, dip them in the queso and it will BLOW. YOUR. MIND!


Photo cred – Latinas_Eats


Benedict Rancheros: Arepas cakes topped with black bean puree, pork carnitas, avocado crema and over easy farm eggs. There is a lot of meat on this dish so be ready for it. Other than that it’s good, so if you’re in the mood for something savory a benedict is always a good choice.


Photo cred – The Eats Blog


Squash Blossom Quesadillas: I honestly didn’t get a bite of squash blossom in my slice of quesadilla but that’s because I choose the end piece. That was my fault. But I loved the salsa verde on top and everyone else seemed to enjoy the dish. Delia actually got this as her brunch dish. Filled with squash blossoms, latin-spiced trompo mushrooms, oaxaca cheese, queso fresco and grilled onions. If it tastes as good as it looks you’re in for a treat.


Photo cred – The Dining Dino


Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes: Normally you would get a stack of 3 thick pancakes but we asked for just one so we could taste it since everyone was going savory at this brunch. Scale of 1-5 I’d give it a 2. Our pancake felt a little rushed in its cooking process so the outside was just shy of burnt but the inside wasn’t fully cooked yet. It was a little too dense and doughy still. Almost like the pan was too hot before the batter when in there.

Obviously, we had to finish this off with dessert even though we were all stuffed. We got a selection of desserts to share and a lot of spoons.

Churros: A collection of fluffy yet crisp churros with Mexican chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream.


Chocolate Avocado Cake: If you want something sinful like chocolate cake but somewhat healthy with avocado hit this cake up. You can’t taste the avocado since it only replaces the butter as a binder.


Cinco Leches Cake: Not tres leches… cinco lenches! That’s five milks. If you’re not a fan of goat milk though avoid this cake because it is in there. I, fortunately, am a fan of goat milk. If I wasn’t so stuffed I would have finished this cake myself. All by myself.


I love Mexican Sugar and would always go back. I would go immediately back for that cake.



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