Basic Brunches does Sundown at Granada Summer Menu

I’ve been to Sundown at Granada before to taste their winter menu and it was delicious, so walking into the summer menu preview only meant good things for me. Sundown at Granada. For those of you that don’t know, Sundown at Granada is a beer garden and restaurant located right next door to the famous Granada Theater in Lower Greenville.

With 60+ beers to pick from and farm-to-table, non-GMO, organic fare, Sundown at Granada takes their food extremely seriously, which is reflected in the dishes themselves. They want to make sure what you put into your body is the best for your body. Very holistic in their approach and many of their dishes are inherently vegan (or can have the meat removed to become vegan), gluten-free, or both.

This season’s menu seems to be inherently Southwestern in its flavor profile, clearly pulling influences from Mexico.

The Drinks:

Let’s start with the most important thing. The booze. I like my drinks girly and fruity with maybe a small umbrella in them, so the Giggle Juice was not a drink for me. Featuring barrel aged Knox Creek bourbon, lemon, thyme, sage and house bitters. I will say it looked good, but I can’t tell you how it tasted.


I, naturally, was drawn to the Blue Nectar Prickly Pear Rita. With Blue Nectar Silver Tequila, Cointreau, prickly pear puree, lime, lemon and agave this was a picture perfect drink.


Course 1: Roasted Heirloom Carrots

Curry Carrot Puree | Radishes | Pickled Red Onion | Spiced Hazelnuts

James-Coreas-2016-Food-056-JamesCoreas[1] (1)

This is a purely vegan dish that was intended to be a little more special. Sundown understands that vegan doesn’t have to mean black bean patties and salad. It can be a stand-alone dish as well. I love roasted carrots of all kinds. This was my second time trying curry and in this mix, it works.

Course 2: Togarashi Ahi Tuna

Smoked Avocado Mousse | Sweet and Spicy Hoisin Chili Sauce |Plantain Chips


First things first, if they packaged that mousse I would put that on everything. It can LITERALLY go on anything. It was so good! The tuna itself has a kick to it so be prepared for some heat. This was probably my second favorite dish of the night.

Course 3: Tex-Mex Meatballs

Akaushi Brisket |Berkshire Pork | Chipotle Tomato | Cotija Cheese


This was my favorite dish of the night. Something about that Akaushi brisket. It’s the best brisket I’ve ever had and now I’ve had it three times at Sundown because they try to incorporate it into as many dishes as they can. Suggestion: I’m not one for meatball sandwiches but these little guys taste like they are dying to be made into one. Chef Jason did tell me that if someone were to ask they would do anything they can to accommodate. *wink wink*

Course 4: Smoked  Texas Akaushi Short Rib

Herb Roasted Potatoes | Asparagus | Pumpkin Seed Chipotle Mole


More Akaushi brisket!!! Can’t go wrong. I would consider this the most fanciful dish of the evening. This is the dish you see in a nice steak house, and it tastes like it belongs. I also a sucker for meat and potatoes. Hello, we live in Texas.

Course 5: Steak or Shirmp Street Tacos

Grass Fed Texas Akaushi Sirloin or Wild Caught Shrimp | Cotija Cheese | Onions | Cilantro | Parmesan Crusted House Tortilla


You can never go wrong with street tacos. Period. End of sentence. They make their tortillas in-house so they are always fresh and they actually coat the tortillas with parmesan cheese and allow that to cook and create a cheese shell. It’s a difference take on a tortilla and just cheese but it works. It adds flavor and texture to the dish.



Oatmeal Cream Pie – Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich with Whipped Cream Cheese Filling

Think your classic oatmeal cream pie, then make it gluten-free. Trust me, you would never know. Plus, served with a side of milk.

Chocolate Layer Cake – Devils Food with Chocolate Ganache

I devoured this cake. Which is hard to do at the end of this meal, you hit a wall around course three. Surprise element here? This cake is vegan. That’s right. Vegan. No eggs, no milk, no butter and it’s amazing.


Photos provided by Sundown at Granada and James Coreas

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