Basic Brunches does Dos Jefes

This last weekend was the Facebook Official launch of the new Dos Jefes brunch menu.

Let me break that sentence down for you. Dos Jefes, itself, is new. Taking over the old Nick & Sams Grill, Dos Jefes offers late night fare and a party atmosphere, for a price. But their newly created and recently launched brunch menu offers a daytime party atmosphere for a more reasonable price. To be fair, I’m not an Uptown girl, and I care that guac is extra, so spending $11 for guacamole at night is a lot to me. But spending $10 on a mimosa carafe when I have multiple juice options, I can get behind.


I am totes El Jefe

Back to the beginning. Last weekend was the official launch of their brunch, which brilliantly starts at 10 AM by the way. And since I know Uptown, and I know launches, I made sure I was there stupid early. I was banking on most of the Uptown crowd to be still drunk from the night  before and they wouldn’t hit the brunch scene till closer to noon and I was right. Megan and I were THE FIRST PEOPLE to try Dos Jefes brunch. Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture, from their Instagram, the morning of telling people to come to brunch.



Notice anyone in the background? No? Let me enhance that for you.



BOOM! That’s Megan and I. Sitting at our table. Planning our brunch strategy.

Brunch strategy, step one: Drinks

As we all know, I am a sucker for a good mimosa. I’m more of a sucker for a good mimosa carafe. Dos Jefes does not disappoint. With a bottle of champagne in each carafe, and I assume a splash of juice for flavor, you’re good to go. As I mentioned earlier, you have juice options: pineapple, orange, cranberry, and grapefruit. I suggest pineapple, adds a tropical feel to your morning boozing.


Little bit of bubbles for your morning.

They also have Bloody Mary’s, Bloody Maria’s (it’s spicier, made with jalapeno infused tequila) and Mexican Flu Shots which had pedialyte in it, so you know they’re looking out for you.

Brunch strategy, step two: Food

Pretty much everything on the menu sounds delicious, but I’m a sucker for Mexican food. Between the build your own omelet station and the barbacoa y huevos tacos you can’t really go wrong.

Megan got the Fritata. Classic. It’s egg whites, potatoes, cremini, scallions, tomato, and avocado served with a side of salsa and fries. Two key points about this. 1. It does not look like a classic fritata. It looks like an egg scramble. 2. It is a lot of potato. There’s potato in the fritata plus a side a potato wedges. Do you need a side of fries? No. Were they good? Yes. The fritata dish as a whole was delicious. I descended upon it like a vulture when Megan gave up eating.


This doesn’t look like a Fritata to me. 

I got the Pan Dulce which is Captain Crunch crusted french toast with strawberries and, I want to say, cinnamon whipped cream. The french toast is DENSE. Decadent, but dense. In a good way though. It’s a thick piece of bread. I was full after the first half slice. But don’t let that make you think that stopped me. Not only did I pick at Megan’s dish, I also ordered a side of sausage after I was full off my french toast. #noregrets


Carbs on cream.

The sausage isn’t some cheap Jimmy Dean’s sausage link like I safely assumed. It’s a cheese stuffed sausage link and they give you four. I could technically eat a plate of them, but not after the Pan Dulce. But no food left behind. I snagged the remaining 3.5 sausage links and handful of fries and brought that home.


Look at the brunch game!

The service was also fabulous. The waitress was extremely friendly and we had someone refilling out glasses whenever they seemed low. Multiple staff members asked how the food was and if we needed anything. Again, we were like 2 out of 6 people there at the time, but I felt special and I would like that to be because they were attentive and not because they had no one else to check in on.

I would highly recommend Dos Jefes brunch to anyone that asked. I actually already did.


  1. Dos Jefes is a rare find in that brunch is all weekend and starts at 10 AM.
  2. For the area, brunch is reasonably priced
  3. Get the sausage links
  4. Pineapple juice



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