Basic Brunches does Oddfellows

Continuing on the 5K a month trend I had yet another one a couple of weeks ago, and naturally, to reward ourselves, Megan and I went to brunch. Most of our 5Ks have been at Fair Park so this was a nice change to be at the Continental Levee Bridge in the heart of Trinity Grove. The original plan was to do the 5K and then head over to the Dallas Farmers Market, but it ended up being changed to Oddfellows because we finished the run by 9:30 and nothing opens in Trinity Grove till 11:00 AM and the DFM doesn’t open till 10:00 AM but Oddfellows opens at 7:o0 AM.

I’ve been wanting to try Oddfellows for some time but for me, driving over 30 minutes for brunch just isn’t going to happen. Bishop Arts District is not locally convenient for where I live. Now that I’ve actually been there I’m sad it’s not closer to me because it’s a cute little area. Loved it.

Oddfellows is a small kitschy venue with a hipster attitude with additional outside seating. All the waiters were dressed in black pants with chambray shirts, and I noticed the Bloody Marys were served out of mason jars. I wouldn’t consider the outside a patio but more of picnic seating. Size-wise the inside and outside are equal to each other. Personally, I can’t say I would wait over 20 minutes to eat at Oddfellows, so get there early since their hours allow for it.


Nothing says hipster like chalkboard art.

We ordered a Bellini carafe to share for $20. The glasses that came with it are small vintage champagne glasses. I joked that I would have to drink 8 of them. I wish the glasses were larger to limit the amount of times we had to fill out glasses, to feel less like a lush. The ratio of  juice to bubbles is fair, you aren’t wondering where the champagne is.

We opted to both order something off the appetizer menu. Megan ordered the Butter and Jam croissant. If you ordered this with an espresso of their drink menu you would get a very simple and classic breakfast. It would be very picture perfect to be sitting at the bar reading a book. Megan recommends the caramel latte. I did not get an espresso because I wasn’t thirsty, so I have no recommendation.


Croissant of buttery goodness

I ordered the Cinnamon Sugar Donuts with Hot Chocolate Sauce. These were a little disappointing. The cinnamon sugar overwhelms all other flavors. When you dip the, slightly too crunchy, donut hole in the hot chocolate sauce you only taste the sugar. Also, the sauce was oddly stringy. When you dipped the donut into the sauce it takes a couple spins to get the sauce to disconnect. I tried the sauce on its own and it does remind you of hot chocolate, there might have been a little spice in there as well. But at the end of the brunch, it’s not worth getting.

Main dish time! Megan ordered ‘The Big D’ breakfast plate. It’s the standard breakfast fare. Eggs, bacon, biscuit, and potatoes. To quote Megan:

“It was delicious. The potatoes were the best. Crispy and salty, which is a good juxtaposition of textures and flavors to the creamy eggs and crisp bacon.”

She would order it again. I say you can get that anywhere so try something a little different.

I ordered the Buffalo Mac and Cheese for $14. It’s pricey, and that cost got me questioning if I really wanted to order it. It’s one of the most expensive things on the menu. I looked at it like this, “Yeah it’s expensive, but it’s not like I eat here every day and I love buffalo anything so let’s try it.” I can promise you, if you order this, you will receive more than a healthy portion. This dish is basically served family style, for one. It’s massive! Thankfully I did a 5K before we ate but still, there is no escaping those carbs. When you think mac and cheese this is the perfect example of it. The pasta was cooked perfectly, the amount of cheese to pasta was spot on and the crispy buffalo chicken on top with bleu cheese adds a flavor contrast. I suggest cutting up the chicken and mixing it into the pasta to add the spicy flavor across the dish and not just in one central location.


Brunch for days!

I did bring almost half this dish home and, at least later that day, it heated up rather well. I do recommend, if you are ever heating up mac and cheese, once you’re done nuking it in the microwave, to add a little milk to bring some life back to the cheese sauce.

After brunch we went wandering around the area a little bit, taking in some local art and antiques, before heading over to Emporium Pies. I love Emporium Pies, but there is not one close to me. I usually go to the one out in Downtown McKinney, but being this close to one meant that I was going to get pie! And I was going to get my favorite pie… Lord of the Pies! I order two slices of LotP for myself and my father and one Dr. Love for my mother, because I’m a good daughter and thought they would appreciate it.


Lord of the Pies is a deep dish apple pie. It cost all of one dollar more than a typical slice. Dr. Love is a red velvet chess pie that has a cream cheese mixed in. Any pie you get at the shop can be served warmed and a’la mode. They also served coffee to sip on as you eat. But remember, bus your own table.

RECAP! Oddfellows. Solid thumbs up. I would go again, but I’m not rushing. Buffalo Mac and Cheese is where it’s at though, but be ready to eat your weight in pasta and cheese. For sure to make a trip down the block to Emporium Pies and grab a few slices, or maybe just a whole pie, to go. Wander the area if you have the time. There are a lot of cute boutique shops, antique dealers, and street art to be taken in.


Local art


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