Basic Brunches does Saint Ann

One of my favorite little get away brunches is Saint Ann. I mean look at that outside.


Photo courtesy of Saint Ann’s Facebook Page

Located in HARWOOD District, Saint Ann Restaurant and Bar is an urban oasis nestled between American Airlines Center and Klyde Warren Park.

Originally built in 1927, the historic school has been transformed into a modern environment that boasts the largest garden patio in Dallas and is consistently voted as “Best Patio in Dallas” by D Magazine and “Best Outdoor Dining” by OpenTable. The restaurant’s refined yet casual atmosphere and extensive menu has made it a favorite among patrons.

It truly does have one of the best, if not the best, patio in Dallas. Not only do they feature live music during their brunches, outside you can sit down by the fire pit or play a game of giant chess to pass the time while you wait. I promise you, you will be waiting.

This past weekend Megan and I celebrated her recent nuptials with a very boozy brunch at Saint Ann. Although we went ahead and made a reservation on Open Table the night before for 12:30 PM seating, we didn’t actually get to our table till closer to 1:15 PM, for no fault on the restaurant, people were just refusing to leave. Saint Ann has an atmosphere that lends itself to spending a good amount of your day just hanging out with your friends and casually eating and sipping your drinks. You will be there for at least an hour no matter what.

Once we arrived at our table Megan and I went ahead and order ourselves a carafe of mimosas ($20) and the charcuterie and cheese board because we both love a good cheese board ($22).

2016-03-22 15.12.39

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it.

We had to guess as to what came on our board so, shot in the dark, we had brie, bleu and smoked Gouda cheese. Prosciutto, salami and capicola. Fig jam and whole grain mustard. Pickled veggies, apples, almonds and grapes. Plus, both a crisp bread and a soft loaf-like bread. The board literally took up all the space length-wise on our two-person table. It was funny to look at. All the tastings on the board were of high quality. How can you tell? I hate bleu cheese and I ended up eating most of it. I also learned that bleu cheese paired with fig is delicious. I was all over that, until I ran out of fig. Additional lesson? Bleu cheese and pickled veggies are the worst combination of flavors you could ever imagine. Don’t try it.

charcuterie and cheese board - saint ann dallas

Charcuterie and Cheese Board

After an hour of noshing on our charcuterie board we went ahead and ordered our actual brunch dishes, because we never planned to only eat a massive cheese board big enough for four. Oh no. That’s not how we do. I ordered the steak quesadilla ($18). It comes with scrambled eggs, potato, jalapeno and mid-rare fajita steak plus a side of salsa. If you get the pork shoulder instead of steak it’s about $4 cheaper, but I really would rather have steak, and at this point in for a penny in for a pound. Megan got the classic Benedict ($14) which, as expected of any Benedict, had country ham and a side of house potatoes. Also around this point we went ahead and ordered a second carafe of mimosas because why not? We weren’t moving any time soon.

classic eggs benedict - saint ann

Classic Eggs Benedict

2016-03-22 15.14.05

Steak Quesadilla

At the end of this Saint Ann’s trip we were there for about 2 hours, spent over $100, and were decently boozed up and full. All in all, a good Sunday.

Here are some of my suggestions for Saint Ann:

  1. Make a reservation, you can do it through Open Table on their website, or get there when they open (11:00 AM). The patio is first come first serve, so if it’s a nice day and that’s where you want to be you need to get there soon or be prepared to wait.
  2. Parking is awful but there is complimentary valet service. Assume that you will valeting your car. It’s just easier that way.
  3. Even if you have to wait, you can always grab a drink, there is a bar and a couple of couches inside the restaurant as well as benches, fire pits, and giant chess outside.
  4. Be prepared to spend some money. It adds up fast but it’s worth it. All the food is wonderful. I’ve been here a handful of times now and I’ve never walked away disappointed from a dish.

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