Basic Brunches does Rocksbox

Late last month Rocksbox reached out to me asking me if I’d like to try their services for free. And although I am a major fan of some fashion jewelry, I wondered if it was right for me as a brand. That got me thinking. I started this blog a little over a year ago with the initial intention of having it be a place that people can get honest brunch reviews from someone just like them. Since the birth of my brunch blog I’ve noticed it’s become something very different. My Instagram is foodie posts all day err day. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, dessert, my Grumpy Cat coffee mug, with the occasional real life photo thrown in. I realized, to keep my personal brand growing, I need to dive into different realms. With that… I bring you… my first… lifestyle blot post. Oooohhhh ahhhhh.


This box though.

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription service for designer jewelry like Kendra Scott, Jenny Bird, and my personal favorite, House of Harlow. You get to keep the jewelry as long as you’d like, return the pieces when you’re done, or purchase the pieces and keep them forever. Although I am a huge fan of jewelry, I have too much of it, so the idea of getting on trend pieces, that can easily be returned, and not have to worry about if the cost was worth how many times I wore it, puts both my mind and wallet at ease. Plus, subscription boxes like these, are like monthly presents to yourself (or someone else if you are so kind).

The sign up process is easy and painless. You register, answer some questions about your personal tastes both in clothing and jewelry (color, styles. etc.), give them any additional information you would like, I told them I like edgy pieces over frilly girly styles and I have tiny wrists, and then you create your wishlist.

My first box arrived within a few days. (Pro tip – I was too excited opening the package to see what I got to realize that there is a perforated section on the seal for you to open. They intend for you to use the same package to send you pieces back. Waste not want not.) The packaging is rather adorable and it comes with a personalized note explaining which pieces you received. My box included the following pieces:

  • SOKO double arrow cuff (adjustable)- $68 $54 insider price
  • Gorjana carine ring in gold – $55 $44 insider price
  • Jenny Bird shielded necklace in gold – $85 $68 insider price

I walked into the room dripping in gold.

I love all metals, I don’t discriminate, but I’ve been in a gold mood recently so having a box of all gold didn’t make me sad.


What goes better with a drink than some statement jewelry?

I’ve done a subscription box before, but with clothing. One thing I’ve noticed is the “insider price” isn’t that great. Yes it’s cheaper, and yes for designer pieces these prices aren’t outrageous, I know people that wouldn’t blink at the cost, but I do. Just another reason to like the ‘return whenever’ part. Unlike the clothing subscription that allowed me three whole days to decided if I wanted to purchase anything or return it, here you get to wear the pieces until you don’t want to any more. No pressure.

Since my blog is my brand, and also about brunch, I wanted to show you how I would style the pieces. One outfit is a casual rocker brunch outfit for the girl on the go. The other outfit is a total #girlboss outfit, gotta get that work done. Feel free to tell me which outfit was your favorite.

Key Rocksbox takeaways:

  1. You get charged per month, not per box. You can get as many boxes as you’d like in a month. Just return your items and they will send you a new box ASAP. If you want to keep all your items, return the empty box.
  2. If you returned an item and regret it, you can ask to purchase it and the team over at Rocksbox will do their best to get that piece back to you.
  3. On the flip side of that. If you purchase a piece and change your mind there is nothing they can do.
  4. You get $10 of Shine Spend every month, to use for that month. It does not accumulate, but it goes towards any item you wish to purchase.


If you’re interested in signing up, you’re in luck. You’re first month is on me.

Get your first month FREE using code: basicbrunchesxoxo. 

Enjoy your new jewelry.


I actually took that selfie, and I might post it. Keep an eye out.

PS – Love my photos? You should. I obviously couldn’t take them myself. My main girl over at Meagan Hatton Photography did a wonderful job. Check her out. All props go to the camera goddess herself.


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  1. nayardt · April 6, 2016

    Great post! Really informative!


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