Basic Brunches does the Jam & Toast Brunch at The Rustic

A few weeks ago Megan and I did our second 5K for the year and then, very willingly, decided that to reward ourselves for running… well “running”… 3.1 miles, brunch was in order. Because we were in the Fair Park area I suggested we go to The Rustic. I know The Rustic has grown in popularity over the last year. I see plenty of Instagram pictures of their delicious looking food filling my foodie feed all weekend long.


We got there right as they opened, because having to run a 7:30 AM 5K will do that for you, so we obviously didn’t have to wait. Since there were 3 of us, and we were all hyped up on cardio, we decided to order the Jam and Toast Brunch and a carafe of the Mariposa Mimosa. This is a family-style brunch which offers live music starting at noon. Since we were there at 10:00 AM we did not get to enjoy the musical styling that is The Rustic. I was actually OK with that, I’m all for live music but I like being able to converse with the people that are with me at my table.

The Mariposa Mimosa is a carafe of rosé or prosecco with fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, accompanied by Brazos Valley marmalade and mixed berry preserve. I’ve had mimosas with rosé before and I’m not a fan, tastes too much like wine, so we did prosecco. I also am not a fan of the tartness of grapefruit, even though I’ve tried to be numerous times, so we did classic orange juice. The point of the marmalade and mixed berry preserve is to mix it into your drink to add depth and flavor. Those things don’t really dissolve and mix well in drinks so we all just had some jam-like substances at the bottom of our glasses. But good effort.


Mariposa Mimosa

The Jam and Toast Brunch is a 7 dish foodie event. All the dishes are single person servings though so it’s easy to tackle, long as you are slightly more than average hungry.

  1. Cheese and Fruit: local cheeses, honeycomb, fresh fruit and assorted breads.
  2. Country Baked Eggs: sharp white cheddar, chives, and organic baby spinach.
  3. Butchershop Skillet: bacon and sausage from Rudolph’s Market.
  4. Hot Chicken: Nashville-style spicy friend chicken tenders and dill pickles.
  5. Baby Fried Toast: hand-cut challah, soaked in vanilla custard and topped with house-made rosemary syrup.
  6. Smoked Cheddar Grits: creamy polenta cakes with roasted poblanos and smokey cheddar on sausage gravy.
  7. Daily Donuts: small batch donuts.
  8. BONUS DISH: Avocado toast. It’s so hot right now!

The spread

My favorite dish, and this is going to be random, was the side salad that came with the Country Baked Eggs . I know, it’s not even a main dish, but the dressing on it was sssoooo good. Runner up was the Hot Chicken. It has a definite kick to it, so if spicy is not your thing in any way, shape or form, I would suggest you leave that for someone else to take. But really, you couldn’t go wrong with any dish they served. It was all delicious, and with a multitude of flavors and textures you were always excited for your next bite.


Ironically no jam nor toast. Unless you count French Toast.

Although the Jam and Toast Brunch is large is amount of food and variety, it’s doable. All the portion sizes are what would be considered a normal portion size, not an American portion size. You get to have a little bit, two to three bites, of everything. Don’t get confused, you will walk away full, you just won’t have to be rolled out Violet Beauregarde style by Oompa Loompas.


My plate #noregrets

The Rustic tips and tricks:

  1. The Rustic is super popular right now, for good reason, so get there early. You couldn’t get there much earlier than I was, so I can’t tell you just how crowded it gets, but I feel that waiting is something that happens.
  2. Jam and Toast that brunch if you can manage it. It’s honestly one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. I would recommend this place to everyone and anyone.
  3. Get your Instagram ready.

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