International Basic Brunch: Fable Kitchen

I know what you’re thinking. “She was in Vancouver two months ago. Why is she just now posting about this?” Well, the answer is, I was waiting on the pictures that were not mine. I just got them this week. So I can finally write about my International Basic Brunch and hope I remember everything.

Let me introduce you to Fable Kitchen. Fable is a Farm-to-Table (get it?) restaurant opened by Trevor Bird, a former contestant on Top Chef Canada. Everything, and I do mean everything, is made from scratch in this restaurant. To be fair, Canada takes more pride in the quality and preparation of their food so most places are from scratch or farm to table. Every place is delicious. Eat in Vancouver. But back to the point, Fable has an open air kitchen located right at the front of the restaurant. Right when you walk in you’re practically in the kitchen. Get your apron and help expedite some food.

The Sunday we went to Fable was for International Basic Brunch. It was written into the game plan once Basic Brunches became a thing. Also, brunch. Duh.

Brunch because mimosas

The food here seems simple, but in that simplicity it is very confusing. I got the scrambled eggs. Or so I thought.

Do you see the eggs? No? That’s because they are snuggled all comfy like in that little jar. Do you need a closer look?

See… eggs. More than just eggs too. The eggs themselves also have sauteed spinach and bacon and parmesan cream. Yep. You read that right. Parmesan CREAM! I would have purchased a can of that delectable cream and take it home and put that shit on everything!! All the things. It also came with toast and homemade jam, and a potato hash-brown/square with whatever that cream spread was. Eaten, but not shown, was the side of bacon. But when I say “side of bacon” I actually mean the 1/2″ thick SLAB of pure pork belly that came with an apple puree. Because if bacon isn’t good enough as is, let’s make it bigger and add puree with it.

Everything about my dish was amazing. Actually, having to relive this meal while I write this makes me want to go back and eat it again.

Mindee and Adriana both got the French Toast. Oh sorry, I mean they each got a half loaf of bread that was made into french toast.

Not even exaggerating. It was half the size of the plate and 3 inches high. And it’s topped with mascarpone, because more cheese, and candied walnuts. Adriana also tacked on a side of house made sausage that came with a black pepper jam (which is shown but in the background).

International Basic Brunch was a huge success. Here is something I mentioned before though about Canadian Brunches… they fill up ridiculously fast. Two places I called that morning basically laughed at me when I asked about getting in. Fable told me if I got there when they opened I could probably get in with no wait. We did. We got there within 5 minutes of them opening and were seated immediately. What you can’t tell is the restaurant is very small.. sorry “cozy”.  Before we even ordered our food they had no more tables left. Another thing is no one in Canada will rush you. At all. No one will make you feel like you need to leave so they can get a new table in. So eating practically anywhere will take you two hours. WILL TAKE YOU TWO HOURS. If you are sitting at a table and it’s not McDonald’s you will be there for a long time. Did I stress that enough? Eating is meant to be a time to relax and talk with your friends and enjoy your food. The way food deserves to be enjoyed and the way we should always enjoy it.


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