Taco Libre!

What is the best food on the planet? I’ll give you 5 seconds to think about that just kidding it’s tacos. Tacos, the most perfect vessel to transport delicious meat and toppings into your mouth for consumption. Why are tacos great?

1. Various types of filling. You have beef, chicken, fish, barbacoa, carne asada, pork. Really anything you want as a filling is doable. Hell, there are even choco-tacos that are ice cream sundaes in a taco shell.
2. You can also top them with anything. Classic cheese and salsa, mango salsa, slaw. The combinations of fillings to toppings is essentially endless.
3. If you eat your taco over other taco shells you automatically get a new taco. I like to use my chips as a nacho, scoop the fallings onto the chip and use the salsa or the queso as a binder. Taco nachos.(You’re welcome)

(You’re welcome)
So when Taco Libre was announced for last weekend I was all over that. Endless tacos amidst beer and music for an entire afternoon into the evening? Why would I say no to that? Alex and I bought our tickets ahead of time. It was the smartest decision ever because 1. We had our tickets and 2. If you bought them online and got the early bird tickets they were $10 cheaper long as you were inside the doors by 5 PM. I do love saving money.
Alex and I got there around 4 PM because traffic was awful and found out, so was the line for Taco Libre. It was wrapping around the park. To be fair, it was a small park, but still.

This was just the people in front of us, there were people behind us and it wrapped around the corner.

During our almost hour wait in line, we found out the event sold out. Like I said, we already had our tickets so it was great news for us. We assumed the line would move along quickly after that announcement but no, everyone else in line also had tickets. Seriously, we were almost in line for an hour.

Naturally, if it’s sold out, that means the event itself was packed, and it was. They had various taco shops along one side of the park and the lines were about 15-minute waits a piece. Booze was closer to a 20-minute wait.

Hurry up tp wait


We got out first tacos at Revolver Taco Lounge.  I was starving at this point so I ordered 2 crispy tacos and 2 barbacoa tacos. For those of you that don’t know, barbacoa is slight barbeque-esque and can be made with some, less favorable meats, like cow cheek or goat. It’s actually really good. From what I could understand the cripsy tacos were filled with meat, of some kind, deep fried, then given to us in bags with a slaw and marinade mix that we were supposed to shake. The barbacoa tacos were like typical street taco style, add your cilantro and onions and whatever sauce.


After that, we walked around a little bit to try to find alcohol. Well, not find it, it was around, but find a line that wouldn’t take forever. Heat stroke was not on my to-do list for the day. After we were refreshed with beer I wanted to try at least one more taco joint while there so we got some more tacos at Urban Taco.

I got an al pastor taco and some type of chicken taco. Of the two, the chicken taco was better. The chicken was seasoned well and was moist. The al pastor taco was a little chewier than I would have preferred. We enjoyed our tacos and beer while hanging out in front of the stage while listening to Pinata Protest. They are a band from San Antonio and they actually had fans in the audience that knew the songs so I take it they are somewhat popular.

At the end of the day the biggest complaint I had, and various other people, was it ended up being bigger than expected. That’s obviously not a bad thing. You want events to be popular, that’s the whole point. But for the location is was small with long waits. The other “complaint” would be that every station was street tacos. I love street tacos, I understand they are easy, but when you’re just getting 14 restaurants with their variations of street tacos you’re not going to find much actual variety. Also, it was hot, but that’s Texas.

We ended up leaving after an hour or so. The plan was to head over to the Reunion Tower Lawn Party but that changed last minute, which was fine. I didn’t need to spend more money. If they end up doing Taco Libre again, which they should it’s a great idea, it needs to be in a bigger location. Variety in food options should be suggested to the restaurants. Also, more weird guys dressed like this…


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