Chocolate, Cheese and Bubbles! Oh My!

This post is centered around my most favorite of favorite foods in the word. Cheese. I love cheese. Seriously, I took a Buzzfeed Quiz once that asked “Would you rather give up cheese or oral sex?” and I gave up on the quiz.That first question was too hard. But upon further discussion about that with my coworkers we all decided we would keep cheese in our lives. That’s how important cheese is.

A couple weeks ago Megan asked me if I would ever be interested in a cheese tasting class. I then realized that she clearly didn’t know me well enough if she needed to ask me that. Obviously a cheese tasting class is something that needs to happen in everyone’s life, but especially mine. So we bought tickets to Scardello‘s “Chocolate, Cheese and Bubbles” class. They have multiple classes but chocolate, cheese AND bubbles was something that needed to happen like yesterday.

Upon arrival the shop is small but it’s got a rustic country chic thing going on. Based off the size you can see why these classes sell out quickly, at best you can maybe fit 40 people. Also, unless you go in a big group, be ready to become friends with your neighbors.

Look at all the chic-ness happening. So many pickled items.


I was more than ready for the cheese to come. For real. Cheese me please.

What was disappointing? The sample sizes. To be fair, yes it’s a tasting, and additionally no amount of sample sized cheese would ever win my heart, so I can’t put that as an actual negative. I would, maybe, be satisfied with individual wheels of each cheese, plus chocolate bars and whole bottles of champagne. So being realistic here, those are hard expectations to accomplish.

The way they do this is they pair two complimentary types of cheese with one piece of chocolate and one type of champagne. You then, essentially, have four tasting rounds. There is also bread for you to spread cheese on, or clear your palate a little between tasting courses. As you go through the courses you learn a little background on the cheese and the champagne (not so much the chocolate but you get a little bit). They tell you the difference between one type to the other, the processes they go through. It’s interesting little tid-bits of knowledge dropped on ya.

Seriously, look at that set-up. Cheese and chocolate goodness.


At the end I wanted another tray of cheese. I thought about buying a few wheels as well (as you can in store), but knew they wouldn’t last (which I guess is the point). But I would absolutely buy some of those cheeses, I marked down the ones I liked for future consumption. There were only two cheeses I didn’t like. One was a bleu cheese, but I don’t like bleu. That one was difficult to eat too because I could tell I was trying a great quality bleu cheese, I just couldn’t bring myself to like it. But the chocolate it paired with cut some of the overpowering bleu cheese flavor for me so I did finish my piece. It also dawned on me almost immediately upon starting the class that, “I’m totally bringing Caitlin here.” I already told her we were gonna go to a class here, she’s excited. Because cheese.

So Scardello. Go buy cheese there. There sell other things too, like wine and ornate tasting salts and pickled things. It’s artisan, so you know it’s fancy.

Take a class if cheese is your thing, and it should be. If cheese is not your thing, and it’s not for a medical reason, you should keep that to yourself. Never trust a person that doesn’t like cheese.


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