Welcome to Basic Brunches

Basic: Used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.

Brunch: A weekend ritual for twenty-somethings involving the sharing of the first meal of the day with friends after a night of debauchery. Brunch can occur any time after noon and before 5 p.m. on either Saturday or Sunday and serves as a great way to catch up with friends over moderately priced food as well as bloody marys, mimosas or several glasses of champagne. Post-brunch activities often include napping or drunk shopping.

Basic Brunch: A painfully predictable, but in an ironic kind-of-way, weekend ritual involving anyone that enjoys moderately priced food, that will typically come with some kind of egg, and a drink that should naturally have champagne in it, but vodka will do too. 

Welcome to Basic Brunches. Let me explain, I love brunch! What twenty-something girl doesn’t? Really, what sane person doesn’t? An excuse to drink, most of the day, while stuffing your face with breakfast food and everyone else is doing it too. The one time of the week that everyone can act like an unemployed post grad! (And I can say that because I was an unemployed post-grad for almost 4 years)

Besides booze and brunches I also love judging. So this is a blog where I will go around and check out the brunches I find and I let you know if it’s worth it. First and foremost I care about mimosa deals, but believe me, food is a close second. Actually they almost share the gold. Almost. 

I’ll also share some brunch related ideas, maybe some recipes, definitely some foodie related events around Dallas, and possibly just some booze related shenanigans.



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